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posted May 17, 2013, 8:31 AM by Adrienne DeWolfe   [ updated Aug 20, 2015, 10:25 PM ]

Nuts and Bolts of QR Codes

QR Codes or Quick Response Codes can be generated for text and links. Links can be to sites, images, audio and videos, anything online that you'd like to share easily. You or students, will need to make the codes first and print them out or post them online.

Then you would have parents download a QR Code Reader in advance:
Dear Parents, please download a QR code reader to your smartphone before Open House so that you can see some of the awesome digital work your kiddo has done. I've included a link to a FREE one that works on all platforms:
I-nigma is a QR code reader, for all platforms including iOS, Windows and Android phones.

QR Code Makers 
  • Go to the site to make a code. You will find it is easier to make on a computer than a tablet. 
    • Select the type of code you will make. 
    • Type or paste into the box. Select download. 
  • OR go to the site to make a code. 
    • Choose URL or text and check the static box. 
    • Type or paste into the box and your static code is created. Right-click to save the image. 
  • OR use the Google URL shortener:
    • Paste in the URL you want to shorten and it will also generate a QR code. 
    • Be sure to click on "Details" to see the QR code and download the image.
    • Share by email, projector screen, ppt slides, or print it on paper
  • Use my FREE Doc template for saving and printing out multiple codes. 
QR Code Readers
  • I-nigma is a QR code reader, for all platforms including iOS, Windows, Blackberry and Android phones. Go to the lower right corner of their website to see device download images and links. Because it works on ALL platforms and is FREE, I-nigma is my go-to QR code reader. 
  • Q-rafter is another QR code reader and maker for iOS. 
Kids using qr codes in class

Other Ways to Use QR Codes in the Classroom: 
  • Audio
    • Use for a simple text to audio recording and upload.
    • Link to audio for other purposes like class rules, teacher directions, vocabulary words. 
  • Open House
    • Paste codes to students desks for Open House. Codes can link to student-made videos or other work. Parents scan codes at Open House to view their child's work. 
  1. View my 5 minute screencast to learn HOW to make your own QR codes. 
  2. QR Code App Challenge - a handout to walk you through the nuts and bolts of making your own QR codes