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Finding Leveled Reading Resources

posted Dec 5, 2017, 8:22 PM by Adrienne DeWolfe   [ updated Dec 5, 2017, 8:22 PM ]
Finding appropriate content online at the right reading level can be challenging. Below, are some of my favorite search engines that are kid-friendly and safe. 
  1. Kidrex
  2. KidsClick
  3. Sweetsearch Elelmentary
  4. Sweetsearch Middle School
  5. Wonderopolis - a repository of articles for kids, Free
  6. Tween/Teen Tribune - news articles with adjustable reading levels from the Smithsonian, grades 4-12, Free
  7. Newsela - a repository of news articles with adjustable reading levels from grades 2-12, FreemiumNewsela screenshot demonstrating an article selected at lowest reading level

There are a number of ways to find online content or adjust online content by reading level. 
  1. will provide you with the grade level of any text or site.
  2. See this playlist from Susan Oxnevad on Search Engines for All Learners. Note that as of May, 2015, google removed their reading level filter. 
  3. Rewordify creates an easier reading version from any URL or text selection. This is a cool tool that you must check out! When you select "Rewordify web page text only" you are able to have the tool teach you the difficult words or create flashcards in a Learning Session. Helpful with English learners. rewordify web site screenshot of flash cards that can be created in a learning session
Other Tools to Make Content Accessible:
  1. On the Mac, you can select any text and right click (control click) to enable the Speech option. The Mac will read the selection aloud. Read more
  2. In iOS, go to Settings/General/Acessibilty/Speech to enable the Speak Selection option. Now when you select text, the Speak option will appear. You can also adjust the speaking rate or highlight words as they are read aloud. Read more
  3. The Mac and iOS Safari browser allows for a reader view. Reader view provides a clean interface with images, sidebars and other distractions eliminated from the page. Readers can just focus on the text. 
Image demonstrating Safari Reader View from
Image demonstrating reader view in Safari.