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CC Image Search

posted Dec 5, 2017, 8:29 PM by Adrienne DeWolfe
Respecting and citing the work of others is an important aspect of digital citizenship. However, it seems to still be largely overlooked in our classrooms. It is important for our students to understand copyright, fair use and creative commons. One VERY simple way to cover this is by having students practice finding and citing creative commons images for their projects. 

There are two great resources for creative common image searches that I like for even the youngest students:

These are not apps but websites meant for finding and citing copyright-friendly images. Both sites use flickr creative-commons licensed images and "stamp" them with a flickr attribution. I recommend adding a shortcut to either site on your student devices. Images can be used to support student projects.

Not only will students find appropriate images, but the "stamping" of the image presents a teachable moment. Even in kindergarten we can talk about respecting other people's work and the "stamp" placed on the bottom of the image, lets people know who took the photo and that they've given permission for us to use it. Below you can see what the product looks like for each resource. 

The stamp also saves valuable time by providing the attribution right on the image. Students don't have to try to record the URL or other info since it's done for them.