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app nametutorialkind/descriptionapplicationgrades/standard
30hands Tutorial Video Made with 30hands Writing/Digital Storytelling - This app is much like Storyrobe or SonicPics, but FREE. Add images and record audio. Final product is a narrated slide show. Recording for each picture may be redone without starting over. You can save to your camera roll or upload to 30hands site if you've created a free teacher account. FREE Have students research a topic, write information text and record their audio. Also, create beautiful personal narratives or digital stories with students' photos or scanned drawings. Younger students could each do one picture/page of the total story. K-8: W.2 write info text, W.6 collaboratively produce and publish 
ABC Spy HD  Images/Video - Kinders create their own ABC video by taking photos for each letter of the alphabet, choosing a frame, naming it and combining images into a video that can be shared with friends or even uploaded to youTube or Vimeo. FREE Have students go on a letter sound scavenger hunt. Students will find items to photo in class or around school that start with the letter sounds.  K-1: RF.K.3, RF.1.3 Know and apply grade level phonics. 
A Great Resource - CCCOE Digital Common Core  Resource - Common Core standards are aligned with online tools, ed1stop resources and free apps in this database.  Find digital resources sorted by Common Core Standards. Created by the Contra Costa County Office of Education. K-12: ELA and Math 
Albums FX Lite  Writing and Images- With this intermediate tool, make up to 10 page albums/books with images, text, drawing, animation and clipart. Save as pdf or image and email. Like Storykit for big kids without audio. FREE  Create beautiful reports, class books or stories on any subject. Layout graphically pleasing and text light or heavy pages. Many subject applications.  3-9: W.2 write info text 
Audio Boo  Audio - Easily record up to 3 minutes of an audio story, report or poem. Upload audio and an image file to their website to share. This is both an ios app and a web 2.0 tool, but for the app, download the iphone version. Teacher or student will need to set up a free account when using the online version of the tool but not for the app. FREE Have students create an audio recording of a story or poem. Have students create audio book reviews to share with peers.  1-8: SL.5 create audio recordings and add audio/visual displays to presentations 
Bump is no sad Bump Video Tutorial File Sharing - Bump is a clever app that allows you to share images between ios devices as well as your desktop computer. You can send multiple images at a time by simply opening the app on both devices and bumping them to connect or bumping the spacebar on your computer while the bump site is open. You just have to see it to believe it, so watch the tutorial. FREE  Have students collect copyright friendly images to use in a collaborative project and "bump" them to each other. Have students take a screenshot of text on a website for research and bump the screenshot to collaborate. Students can also use this app to bump projects saved as images to the teacher.  W.2 write info text, W.7 conduct short research projects 
Chirp Video Tutorial/FAQs File Sharing - Chirp is the coolest way to transfer images, links and short text from one ipad to many others at one time, using sound. It chirps, or sings, to communicate between devices. It is an iPhone app, so be sure to check that tab when searching the app store. FREE Chirp all your students the National Geographic Photo of the Day to use as a writing prompt. What do you think this image is about? Or send students an image or a website to use in their projects. Chirp also makes it easy for students to send their work to you if it is an image file.  W.2 write info text, W.3 write narratives  Audio - Very easily record up to 30 seconds of audio. Upload audio to their website as private or public and email or copy the link to share. No account is needed or a class account could be shared. iPad, Android and web 2.0. FREE Have students create quick audio recordings to demonstrate fluency, share writing, enhance projects or create book reviews to share.  K-2: SL.5 create audio recordings and add audio/visual displays to presentations  
Educreations Tutorial Made by Student with Educreations Screencasting - This is my favorite screencasting app. Unlike other apps, you can create multiple pages with multiple images. Record audio and annotations over images to share learning. Share publicly or privately by uploading to the web. There is also a PC web version of this one. FREE Have students collaboratively create reports on any topic with images and content they've researched. Import their own drawings as images and have students share their narrative or creative writing.  1-8: W.2 write info text, W.6 collaboratively produce and publish 
Flickr Search and Stamp  Images - This is not an app but a website meant for the ipod. I'm including it because it's a great tool for finding copyright-friendly images. It searches flickr creative-common licensed images and stamps them with a flickr attribution. I recommend adding a shortcut to this site on your student devices.  Have students find creative-common flickr images licensed for free re-use with this handy search tool. Images can be used to support student projects.  2-8: SL.5 create audio recordings and add audio/visual displays to presentations 
Fotobabble  Audio and Image - Take a snapshot or select a photo from your library and record your story. Upload audio and image file to their website to share. Teacher or student will need to set up a free account to upload to their website. This is both an ios app and a web 2.0 tool. FREE Annotate any image and have students share their learning. Take photos of a math problem, science lab, class work or a website and have students record their learning.  2-8: W.2 write info text, SL.5 add audio and visual displays to presentations 
Haiku Deck  Presentation/Digital Storytelling - Create stunning, image-driven presentations. Add titles and sub-titles to each slide or bulleted text. Import images from your camera roll or search within the app for creative common images. FREE  Teachers, have students use Haiku Deck for presenting research projects, sharing visual stories from a fieldtrip, personal narratives or creating sensory poems. Final products can be saved within the app or uploaded to their website for public or private sharing. 2-12: SL.5 add audio and visual displays to presentations 
Hello Crayons  Drawing - Hello Crayons is a simple to use drawing app with crayons, markers and paintbrushes. You can save pictures as photos and even reopen the photo in the app to edit later. They also have Hello Colored Pencils and Chalk. Great for kinders.  There is just something about the tactile interface of the iPad and drawing apps. Students who may have trouble holding a crayon properly can be successful with their fingers and this app.  K: W.K.3 Use a combination of drawing, dictating and writing to narrate events.  
Idea Sketch  Brainstorming and Writing Support - If you love Inspiration, then you will love Idea Sketch. This tool lets you easily draw a diagram - mind map, concept map, or flow chart - and convert it to a text outline, and vice versa. Share by email or save to the camera roll. FREE Have students plan reports, other writing or diagram concepts and connections.  W.2 write info text 
Kidblog  Writing - Yes, it's now an app too. I love this easy to use and implement blogging tool. Every classroom and teacher should be blogging. FREE Use it for showcasing writing, as a digital portfolio or as a book review site.  W.6 collaboratively produce and publish 
Knowmia Teach Tutorial Screencasting - Knowmia is a great alternative to Educreations if you need a more powerful, versatile tool. You can record each step or slide again if needed, unlike Educreations, which makes you start over with the audio. Share publicly or privately by uploading to the web. FREE Have students "flip" your classroom by creating tutorials for each other to learn new material or review. Example: Sixth graders in Ms. Bosch's class explain greatest common factor, or here they explain Onomatopoeia W.6 collaboratively produce and publish 
Padlet Tutorial from Tony Vincent Writing/Research - Padlet is my favorite app to foster collaborative research. It is a web 2.0 tool that works on any web-enabled device. It does NOT require an account or login. New features include the ability to download the wall as a pdf and set up wall layouts as freeform or linear/stream. FREE  Have students post notes on a shared research topic, reflect on a unit, share vocabulary sentences, share links to their posted projects or upload images of their work.  W.2 write info text, W.7 conduct short research projects 
PhotocardLite  Writing/Images - This app creates postcards with an image, writing and address. You can send the postcard by email, snail mail or save it to the camera roll. FREE Have students write a letter practicing writing conventions. Add vivid description of the image. Use historical images and write postcards about the source documents and images.  W.2 write info text  
Pic Collage  Tutorial Video Images/Posters - Pic Collage is aptly named (no pun intended). This app creates collages with your images. You can also add text and create an informative poster. Save to the photo library or send by email. FREE Have students synthesize their learning on a particular subject by carefully selecting and annotating a collection of images. More text can be added to create a report. W.2 write info text 
Pick-a-path  Math - computation, fractions, powers - Navigate a path from the top to the bottom of the maze to reach a target (specific number, greatest number, etc.). This game is addicting and requires a lot of critical thinking. FREE Have students work at their level and compare their strategies with other students on a similar level. Did you use a calculator, mental math, paper? NCTM support materials include a template for students to make their own maze puzzles on paper, and then you could have students swap puzzles. Grades 3-7. Connects to the eight mathematical practices described in the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. 
Popplet Lite For Tutorial Click on "Help" in Popplet app Brainstorming, Writing Support - Simple yet flexible mind-mapping tool for planning writing or creating diagrams. You can save it to the camera roll or email it as a jpeg or pdf file. For $4.99 you can upgrade and have unlimited popplets to edit. FREE  Use Popplet to support writing with mind maps. Versatile enough to use as a timeline or infographic tool.  W.2 write info text  
QR Reader  Productivity - QR Codes or Quick Response Codes can be generated for text and links. Links can be to sites, images, audio and videos. Here are two QR Code Reader apps for smart phones and ipads: QR Reader for ios (iphone, ipad, ipod) QR Code Scanning app, I-nigma, for all platforms including Windows and Android phones  Uses for QR Codes in the Classroom: On a newsletter to link to your website, on a 3D model in science, like a skeleton, with codes explaining each part or bone, for writing prompts at the start of class and on books to link to student book reviews.  
Send Anywhere  File Sharing - Send Anywhere is another app to help share content between devices. It's unique in that you can send video and files as well as images, however the video transfer can be very slow. FREE but in app ads Teachers can upload a pdf of something they'd like students to read or annotate. Students can then dowload the file to their device and use iBooks or an annotation app like Paperport Notes.  RI. read information texts 
Skitch Tutorial Poster Made with Skitch Annotation and Drawing - Simple tool from the creators of Evernote. Draw from scratch or insert a photo and add arrows, text and drawings. Love the built-in capture/ snapshot of a webpage or a map to annotate! Share image files through email, fb, twitter or Evernote. FREE Make pages for a report, book or story with diagrams, infographics and annotated maps and images. Use images in other apps, like screencasting, StoryKit and Photocard.  SL.5 add audio and visual displays to presentations 
Storykit Tutorial Video Writing/Digital Storytelling - Super simple to create a digital storybook with images, text, audio recordings and drawings. Upload and share books via the web. Could be used in many subject areas. FREE  Create illustrated picture books with audio recordings for young writers. Use for narrative or information texts. Many applications across the curriculum. W.2 write info text W.6 collaboratively produce and publish 
Storyrobe  Writing/Digital Storytelling - Add images and record audio. Final product is a narrated slide show. Versatile editing tools. You can email .mp4, upload to YouTube, save to your camera roll or upload to StoryRobe. You will need a FaceBook account to upload to the StoryRobe site. $.99 Have students research a topic, write information text and record their audio. Also, create beautiful personal narratives or digital stories with students' photos or scanned drawings. W.2 write info text W.6 collaboratively produce and publish 
Strip Designer  Writing - Create comic strip pages with images, text, stamps, drawings, and captions. Share via email, fb, twitter, and dropbox as an image or pdf. Worth the $2.99.  Have students explain complex concepts, historical events or places in a simple comic strip fashion. Used in high school to illustrate constitutional amendments or elementary to report on science, history, geography or literature.  W.2 write info text W.6 collaboratively produce and publish 
Tools 4 Students  Writing Support - 25 graphic organizers for students to use to organize their thinking while reading or writing. Templates include: cause/effect, main idea, sequencing, pro/con, story elements, word meaning, KWL and more. Save to your device or email. $.99 Have student respond to literature, plan their writing and pair share their thinking with partners.  W.2 write info text 
Toontastic  Writing/Video - Students create a cartoon or animated story with a scaffold called the Story Arc that allows writers to choose from five scene types: setup, conflict, challenge, climax and resolution. Students can select from Toontastics characters and setting or they can draw their own. FREE for basic kit, but worth purchasing the All Access pass for the historic scenes and characters; discounted to @ $4.99 for educational purchasing.  Have student learn about conflict, resolution and other story elements by creating their own story. Retell historic events, or report on any subject in science or social studies by drawing. Cartoons are uploaded to the Toontastic site as public or private after they've been approved by the teacher, who will need to create a free account. Students can search for other cartoons by key words or world location.  W.2 write info text W.6 collaboratively produce and publish 
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