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iPads, Projects and the Common Core

posted Jul 29, 2013, 3:15 PM by Adrienne DeWolfe   [ updated Aug 26, 2014, 10:00 AM ]
Urban Tech Camp 2013

1. Please click on our padlet and leave a note introducing yourself. Double click or tap-tap on the page to leave a note. 

Screenshot of ipad and apps

Common Core 

  • W.2 Write informative/explanatory texts to examine and convey complex ideas and information clearly and accurately through the effective selection, organization, and analysis of content.

  • W.6 Use technology, including the Internet, to produce and publish writing and to interact and collaborate with others.


3. Use one of the apps to the right to create an introduction to you. Download the planning page
or jot some plans on scratch paper.



2. Click on the links below to look through some of the apps we will work with today. Be sure to view the student samples. If you can, download the apps to your ipad. 

Matt Gomez's Kinders share MLK big words vocabulary.
              • Sample Skitch activity from the amazing Matt Gomez, kinder teacher. 

kitah Alef's first grade class pic collage

          • Sample from 1st grade teacher, Kitah Alef, with support from Ms. Tolisano.

Middle school students at Horry County Schools create Civil Rights timelines with Popplet Lite.

            • Civil Rights timeline from Horry County Schools E2T2 iPad project

Mr. Sha has his English students use the Word of the Day  in a sentence.

            • Sample from Mr. Sha's 6th grade vocabulary wall

4. Exit Ticket Room: ad