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posted Feb 4, 2015, 7:25 PM by Adrienne DeWolfe   [ updated Jun 2, 2015, 2:35 PM ]
Pic Collage
download "for kids" version (no social features)

Pic Collage creates collages with your images. You can also add text and create an informative poster or report. Save work to the photo library or send by email. FREE

Have students synthesize their learning on a particular subject. Find images with a copyright-friendly image search and add text to show learning. Use just one image with much text for a report. Use it for sequencing images from a story or directions for younger students. Share collages of field trips or class activities and enhance with audio in audioboo or another audio app. 

Student Examples:

ShowMe is a screencasting app. I love using screencasting to help make students' thinking "visible." For an example of "making thinking visible," watch my son's "aha" moment when explaining equivalent fractions

ShowMe is a very simple, kid-friendly screencasting app. With the updated version, it now allows for multiple screens, and it has a text tool. I love its simplicity for very young students. The other attribute that distinguishes ShowMe from Educreations is that it can be replayed on any device from the web. With Educreations, you must have the app loaded on your iPad to replay. Since we will be using QR codes and parents' smartphones at Open House this year, I recommend ShowMe so that parents can scan the QR code and view their child's Screencast video on their phone. Like Educreations, you upload your video to the ShowMe website and can search for other lessons. Note: You will need an account to upload to ShowMe and student accounts can be created without email addresses.

If you'd like to know more about different free screencasting apps check out my screencast comparing these tools. 

Skitch is a simple tool from the creators of Evernote. Draw from scratch, insert a photo to label, or capture a map or web page to annotate! Save images to the camera roll and share through email. FREE

Make pages for a report, book or story with diagrams, infographics and annotated maps and images. Take a picture of a science lab and label the parts or outcomes. Use the annotated images you make in other apps, like screencasting (ShowMe). 

Kinders share "big words" inspired by MLK Jr. (great blog from kinder teacher, Matt Gomez)