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EBCUE Cool Tools 2014

posted Aug 26, 2014, 9:40 AM by Adrienne DeWolfe

Please click on our padlet. Leave a note introducing yourself, and then review our Haiku Deck below. 

Overview and Goals

CCSS. RI.7, W.6, W.7, SL.5

Notes, Reflection and Backchannel

Get Inspired

Process and Apps Used
  • Inquire and Plan
  • Curate and Collaborate
  • Take Notes

  • Draft 
Tips and tricks for writing in your classroom.
  • Use notes and naming conventions
  • Split and undock keyboard
  • Double tap space at the end of a sentence
  • Use speech to text (Siri on iPad3 or later or Dragon Dictation app)
  • Copy and paste in almost any app
  • To edit, use speak text to listen - turn on under settings, general, accessibility, speak selection

  • Annotate 

  • Storehouse - 
  • upload images, video and text to tell your story

  • Collaborate
    • Padlet - upload your work here 
    • Learn from each other!

Contact me:     @digichica

Common Core Standards 
  • W.7 Conduct short research projects
  • RIT.7 Integrate content presented in diverse medias
  • W.6 Collaboratively produce and publish writing
  • SL.5 Make strategic use of media to express info
  • FREE Common Core app
  • The Digital Common Core tool from CCCOE


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