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posted Aug 27, 2014, 4:34 AM by Adrienne DeWolfe   [ updated Jan 16, 2015, 1:52 PM ]
iPad Ninjas and Narrative Writing

  • Learn how to be a Ninja iPad teacher with these tips and tricks. 
  • Support narrative writing with two kinder-friendly writing and publishing apps, Storykit and ShowMe. 


Overview - Made with Haiku Deck 


Handouts - 

iPad Tips and Tricks

  • Lock into a single app for a center - To limit the iPad to running a single app, go to accessibility settings, turn on guided access, set a pass code, launch the app, triple click home button, you can also disable touch or motion, as well as home and volume. Tap start button. To turn off, triple click the home button and enter pass code. 
  • Accessibility settings - Text to speech
  • Add a home screen icon to your website. 
  • Introducing apps to students - Each day or week that the apps will be in centers - only place the apps for that week on the nav bar at bottom.  
  • Organize apps into folders
  • Toggle between open apps - From home screen, double press home button to show open apps or swipe up with 4 fingers.

  • Copy and paste - in almost all apps by double tapping. (Try it. Select the text from this site and copy it to your notes.)
  • Ending a sentence - Double tapping the space bar at the end of a sentence creates a period and one space.
  • Swipe to Search - Another way to quickly find apps on an iPhone or iPad is to swipe down on the home screen. This reveals a search box in which you can type the name of any app to jump right to it. 
  • Take a screenshot of anything open on your iPad. Save it in photos by holding down home button and then power button.


Working with Images

  • Photos - the volume up (+) button doubles as a shutter button
  • Flickr Search and Stamp or Pics4Learning - Search for copyright-friendly images.
  • Save any image - Hold down finger on an image to save it.

Classroom Management 

Narrative Writing and Publishing

CCSS W.K.3 and W.K.6

Use a FREE APP to Create a Book -

  • Activity:  Create a sample class book 


Exit Ticket

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Check out and subscribe to the blogs of two kinder teachers who teach with iPads. Matt Gomez has only 3 or 4 iPads to use in his classroom and does amazing things. Kristi Meeuwse has a class set of iPads (We can dream...).